Relationships crop

The need to belong has been recognised as a fundamental human need, from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs(1969) to theories of Psychological Wellbeing (Ryff, 1989), and intrinsic motivation (Deci & Ryan, 2000). Dr Christopher Peterson, used three words to sum up positive psychology: “Other People Matter”.

Feeling that you have a good relationships with your colleagues others has been significantly linked to job satisfaction, whereas a lack of connection correlates with emotional exhaustion, burnout, and leaving the teaching profession.

This workshop presents practical ways to increase a sense of connection on staff and to cultivate positive, constructive relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the fundamental need for a sense of connectedness at school
  • Learn ways to building supportive, constructive relationships
  • Discover a real-life school experience of creating an upward spiral through positive education
  • Understand why a positive experience for students begins in the staffroom

Modules covered

  • Research on Relationships and the need to belong
  • The two pillars of complexity
  • Gratitude in the staffroom and the playground
  • Active Constructive Responding
  • Savouring