Positive Education

The best teachers are engaged, resilient, and capable, yet even the most dedicated staff can find work stressful and overwhelming at times. Staff wellbeing has a direct and immediate impact on the student experience at school. Research has found that student wellbeing is also associated with student learning. As well as aiming for academic success, many schools now see their role as providing a more holistic approach to student success and wellbeing.  Positive Psychology programs have been found to be significantly related to positive student relationships, increased wellbeing, and greater academic success.

At times, teachers and school staff can feel under pressure to do “too much”, and it is vital that a Positive Education program HELPS staff to do their job better, rather than being seen as “ONE MORE THING” that teachers and other staff feel pressured to do, on top of their regular tasks. To ensure such a cohesive approach, each Positive Education program is tailored specifically for your school to embed positive psychology into the existing school structure and approaches already in use.

Therese’s 17 years of Education Management includes nine years as Director of an International School where Therese co-designed and implemented a successful long-term Positive Psychology program with the staff.


  • Strategic long-term program tailored for implementation of Positive Psychology at your school
  • Comprehensive training for Wellbeing and Leadership team as key change agents within the school
  • Interactive evidence-based workshops for all staff, including positive interventions and activities for staff to implement between workshops
  • A strengths-focussed approach to tap into the key skills and talents of your team
  • Detailed proposal tailored for your school, and outlining modules to be covered and relevant learning outcomes
  • Continued support to ensure a sustainable program with ongoing positive change