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Developing tools to manage stress and thrive

Life can be full of uncertainties and unexpected changes. Everyday demands at work and home can take their toll. How do you respond to stress and adversity? The good news is that we can not only survive difficult times, we can increase our resilience and learn tools to develop from the struggles. Using scientifically proven techniques, we will investigate the realities of stress and how to combat it. You will learn ways to identify stress when it occurs and to choose your best response. Increase your performance and become resilient in challenging times.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what resilience is and appreciate the need for resilience in the workplace
  • Recognise your own personal reaction to change as well as accepted psychological theories of change
  • Understand the 7 key factors of Resilience and increase your ability to make deliberate personal change
  • Develop a number of strategies to build up your own resilience as well as that of your team
  • Communicate effectively with clients in fast paced, stressful environments
  • Work at a strategic level to develop a high performance culture

Modules Covered

  • Overview of elements of resilience and how they can be developed
  • Personal assessment of resilience
  • Exploration of one theory of change and customary responses to change
  • Identifying strengths and ways to incorporate strengths to combat adversity and increase resilience
  • Goal setting and life balance wheel for both short and long term goals
  • Emotional Intelligence and developing Self-Awareness
  • Optimistic Mindset and increasing Authentic Appreciation
  • Conflict Resolution & Positive Communication
  • Mindfulness

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