Humour & Playfulness

“The opposite of play is not work.  It is depression”  – Brian Sutton-Smith

Laughter and humour are vital to optimal human functioning. They provide relief from physical and psychological stress, and help us to think and respond more creatively, while building vital resources to increase resilience. Humour can help to regain a sense of control in our sometimes stressful and challenging surroundings. It gives us energy and builds important social support.

Play improves brain function, reconnects the mind and body, and facilitates mental health.  It also allows for new experiences, focus, and an opportunity for “safe failure”.  A playful environment can help us to develop our strengths, increase our understanding and achieve greater mastery.

Yet most people would agree that they do not experience nearly enough laughter, humour and playfulness in their workplace.  Discover how to incorporate a fun new approach to work which is both appropriate and sensitive to the context of your workplace, as well as encouraging a more creative, supportive team with even better performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • First, the “bad news” – we are hard-wired to look for negativity
  • Understand the biological need for humour, laughter and playfulness
  • Develop strategies to incorporate more fun, humour and playfulness at your workplace
  • Appreciate the dangers of too much positivity and need for appropriate humour
  • Learn to reframe challenges and use humour to manage emotions and stress
  • Get to know your colleagues in a novel interactive atmosphere

Modules Covered

  • The Negativity Bias & Hedonic Treadmill
  • Laughter & Humour – Research & Benefits
  • Play & Playfulness – Research & Benefits
  • Framework of Play
  • Transforming your workplace – how to create a more playful environment
  • Active Fun!

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