Positive Business

Therese offers a range of services to help with Leadership Development, Motivation and Staff Engagement, based on two decades of leadership experience, and the study of applied Positive Psychology.  Therese works with clients to deliver long term change, through a bespoke range of individual coaching and mentoring, interactive and motivational workshops, and comprehensive strategic business plans. Therese has experience working with organisations across a range of industries, including volunteer services, health, disability services, management consulting and retail.


  • Bespoke Assessment and Strategic long-term program tailored for implementation of Positive Psychology at your workplace
  • Evidence-based Half and full day seminars including topics such as Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence at work, Positive, Constructive and Effective Communication, Hiring – and growing – Great Staff, and Giving Effective Feedback.
  • Lunch and Learn interactive evidence-based workshops for all staff, including positive interventions and activities for staff to implement between workshops
  • A strengths-focussed approach to tap into the key skill and talents of your team
  • Detailed bespoke proposal outlining modules to be covered and relevant learning outcomes
  • Continued support to ensure a sustainable program with ongoing positive change
  • Coaching and Mentoring available


Examples of Consulting practice:

Example #1:  Communication issues within business team.  Resistance to current management style and staff feeling disengaged and disconnected from company vision

Through a 2 hour team building seminar, Therese helped the staff to work together to identify the underlying issues, and to discover productive solutions for the team.

  • Value alignment – reconnecting with the core
  • Increased connection on staff and appreciation of different strengths and approaches
  • Re-energised staff
  • Increased communication between staff and management

FEEDBACK:  “Today was great.  I believe it helped the staff to experience this type of training together and formulate new ideas, designs and procedures.  We learned a lot and will definitely try to implement some of the ideas and techniques.”

Example #2: High Attrition identified as major concern by management

Therese and her colleagues analysed employee survey data, in conjunction with leading appreciative inquiry focus groups and individual staff interviews to ascertain the root causes and possible solutions within the department for the high attrition.  A detailed whole-organisation consultancy was provided for the Chairman and Executive team comprising solutions for:

  • Leadership Strategy to address staff engagement and attrition rates
  • Career progression and talent management policy
  • Employee engagement & performance
  • Diversity Training & Organisational Culture

FEEDBACK:  “Since your report, the entire attitude and approach of the Chairman has changed.  Last week we even had the full day event which went really well.  It had a better turn out than we had had in years”.

Example #3:  High Stress environment.  Staff feeling overworked and unsupported

Following discussion with senior management about challenges within the team, a Full Day resilience training was designed with relevant examples of difficult situations faced on a daily basis.  Sustainable change was then encouraged through follow up reports and coaching sessions with the team leaders, and resources provided to team members throughout their peak period.

FEEDBACK:  “I usually find it difficult to “get involved” in these types of trainings, but I absolutely enjoyed our training today.  It did not feel like busy work and there wasn’t really a way to do things “wrong”, so that reduced a lot of pressure.  I really appreciated your style of presenting.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop because I felt it was very positive, had direction and was practical.  Things discussed can help me to improve personally as well as professionally.”

“I thought the workshop was very informative and imaginative.  Not only will I take the skills I’ve learned into the workplace, but I will apply them to other areas of my life!  Thank you Therese!”